Congratulations if you made it here! 
 I know you are itching to get to know me
 I see that smile, you can‘t help it
 But wait! Relax, and lower your expectations... 
 I am just an extremely ‘busy’ and ‘bored’ graduate student 
 Trying to survive academia through non-academic avenues
 I am a bundle of mostly good humor
 Sprinkled with a tad bit of seriousness (where money is involved) 
 Garnished with little drops of anxiety (I need a job!)
 Served on a pretty ‘chill’ and hospitable Ghanaian plate
 Wonnhu saa? 
 I usually have more than a few words for my Creator
 And I bet the feeling is mutual
 I could care less for sugar
 But my life would be meaningless without butter
 While I try to play by my size
 I am unable to cut my coat by my cloth 
 Because my seamstress lives beyond the Mediterranean 
 While I admire your gym routine
 I would rather stick to my routine trips to and from the fridge
 You will often find me doing 'serious' work
 But I have also often descended the Youtube rabbit-hole 
 Like you, I absolutely detest unsolicited noise
 But count it your loss 
 When I remember a song that matches a phrase I just used! 
 I like to think that I am supportive in my relationships,
 But making silly jokes in your most trying moments 
 Is a weakness I can’t relinquish 
 While I know life isn’t that serious
 I definitely think you should clean up after yourself :) 
 From this apt introduction, you definitely agree with me on this
 That I have quite a balanced personality
 Well, excluding the few times that I…
 Oh well, let’s not wash those dirty rags in public...
 At least until we have enough water and detergent 
 Eheh, as I was saying...
 I am extremely excited to begin this journey with you.
 Want to know more about my not so ‘balanced’ thoughts  
 With a little bit of spice? 
 Enjoy the buffet! 
  1. Eric Ansong 2 years ago

    writing is a skill and you’re a master of it. I am just imagining how you are able to weave these words together. Well, it will be unfair to compare the swimming skills of a fish to a monkey.

    • Author
      Phyllis Kyei Mensah 2 years ago

      Thank you my dear friend:)

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