We all know only geniuses go to grad school (kidding!).
Well, that would at least be the grad director’s hope.
On the contrary, 
It’s mostly those of us 
Who are still confused by what we learned as undergrads,
And prefer getting confused some more,
While we figure out our next steps.

For some of us, 
We are putting off adulthood,
Thinking that we grow backwards
When we live within academic walls.
And then we realize quite late
That academic walls make us age even faster.
Unless you are not strictly following the course outlines (wink wink).

As for us de3, 
We think we have found a novel topic worth studying in depth.
Something no one has done before.
Finally, we could become experts at something!
Then we find out
That actually, a million others have studied that same thing.
Only, they chose to call it something else.

Then there are those of us
Who went because
Well, we needed a break
From that ‘crazy’ corporate world.
But then we realize 
That ‘crazy’ actually is... 
Well, still figuring out why and how we ended up there.

Some of us also went 
Because we needed that raise,
Or that position.
Not forgetting the prestige.
But then after the first introductory class,
And a quick glance through that course outline, 
We start doubting if the prize is worth the trouble.

Then there is us,
Who went because its cool and trendy, elite even. 
For the privileged few. 
Until we discover 
That everyone else was, is, or will be in grad school,
Or know someone who was, is, or will be in grad school. 
And that nobody cares.

So to those of you who went to grad school 
Purely out of genuine intellectual curiosity.
Are you happy?
Of course, we know you are not!
Because, like you, we all get to graduate with the same credentials.
And the best part? We get to flaunt ours the most.
Why? Because, we all earned it! 
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  1. Eric Ansong 3 years ago

    Grads school is never easy, so is working. But frankly speaking, if you get a good working environment, you might hate grads school.
    After all, you will join the working force after school. If you want to take a break from work, maybe going to grads school might not be an option, try golfing 🏌️‍♀️ but the bills will still be piling up.
    Abrabor ny3 b3t333

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