Sometimes I am here, but not here.
Here, but not fitting in.
In, but wishing I was out
Out, but fighting to be included.
Included, but wishing I was seen
Seen, but I also want to be heard.
Heard, but that is not my voice!
Voiced, but I should also be named.
Named! by who?

Sometimes I am here or there.
There, where I feel the most at home.
Home, where Living is a struggle
Struggle, which brought me here.
Here, where life is a journey
Journey, back to my roots.
Roots, sprouting in many directions
Directions, but which to follow?
Follow where the heart leads…

Sometimes I am here and there.
There, where I am still finding myself.
Myself, wondering why I am still here.
Here, where I ask myself how
How, I drown
Drown, in unsettling thoughts.
Thoughts, of being and becoming,
Becoming, while I am doing.
Doing, while I am finding 
Finding Myself! 

Here, There, and In-between.


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